For a quick boost of energy

+NRG contains an effective amount of Guarana to give you the quick boost you’re looking for. Guarana supports the processes in the central nervous system and muscles that enhance mental energy and focus in a relatively short amount of time. The amino acid Taurine helps provide the fast-acting energy you need that won’t over stimulate or overburden your body.


For long-lasting energy

The B vitamins that are present in each serving of the +NRG patch enhances your body’s natural ability to produce and sustain its own energy, leading to long-lasting benefits. Since your body looks to carbohydrates, protein and fat as its primary sources of energy, it makes sense to enhance the metabolism of each for optimal energy production. B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-12 and vitamin B-6 all specifically contribute to the conversion of the foods we eat and the calories we store for energy. Getting the recommended daily allowance of these vitamins can help maintain energy levels and keep tissues and organs functioning properly.


For mental focus and clarity

The Yerba Mate in +NRG Patches help increase your mental focus and alertness by supporting your brain’s ability to receive and send messages to and from the nervous system.* For example, amino acid found in dietary proteins, is believed to improve mental energy and focus by serving as a precursor for specific neurotransmitters. Together, the nutrients found in the +NRG Energy Patch provide the energy, mental focus and well-rounded nutrition that makes it the most effective energy patch on the market.